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Ceramides: The Hottest Ingredient of 2017

The Science

Skin Hydration

NeoCell's newest nutricosmetic formulas use clinically proven ceramides which improve skin moisture and show significant results in reducing trans epidermal water loss.*

85% of subjects noticed
a reduction of scales†

80% of subjects felt
less pulling sensations†

80% of subjects felt
an improved skin

The Products

Ceramides Skin Hydrator, (60 capsules)

Ceramides skin hydrator is a nutricosmetic solution scientifically formulated for healthy skin hydration. This unique blend of beauty-enhancing nutrients promotes skin hydration, elasticity, and cellular turnover for glowing, supple skin. *

Ceramosides™ ceramides Ceramides are specific lipids naturally present in the skin, essential to the lipid barrier or moisture barrier. Ceramosides™ Ceramides are plant based lipids and clinically tested to increase smoothness, moisture, and elasticity starting in just 15 days. *‡

Hyaluronic acid is a water-loving nutrient that is naturally occurring in the skin to help maintain suppleness, hydration & elasticity. *

Skin hydrablend™ a scientifically crafted blend of nutrients supporting hydration while combating free radicals in the body to support your collagen systems. *

Other ingredients: vegetable magnesium stearate, and vegetable capsule.

Does not contain: lactose, starch, yeast, or artificial flavors. GLUTEN FREE

Allergy warning: Contains wheat. *** ***The wheat has been processed to allow this to meet the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requirements for gluten free food.

Suggested use: Take two (2) capsules daily.

The Club Size Ceramides is a larger size available exclusively at Sam's Club.

‡Based on randomized double blind vs placebo clinical study held on women.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

What Are


Moisture evaporates
from the skin

Ceramides are specific lipids naturally present in the skin, essential to the lipid barrier or moisture barrier of the skin.

NeoCell Ceramides formulas use plant based lipids clinically tested to increase smoothness, moisture, and elasticity. *

Ceramides create barrier
to keep moisture in

Ceramides fortify the skin’s outer most layer and act as a water barrier to prevent the evaporation of moisture through the epidermis, keeping the skin hydrated and supple. Ceramides also prevent the breakdown of the skin’s collagen matrix by inhibiting collagenase, an enzyme that degrades collagen. *

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